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microsoft teams
  • Chantal van Velzen

Whitepaper - 3 Microsoft Teams issues resolved

Microsoft Teams is a very nice tool that helps organizations to work together quickly and without limitations. In this whitepaper you can read how you can keep an overview and how colleagues can work safely in a faster way.


Setting up project groups, sharing documents, chatting and video calling is a piece of cake. However, a number of dangers lurk in all that ease. How do you ensure that unlimited cooperation does not lead to a security risk, for example?

We see that organizations are concerned about the almost unlimited possibilities of Teams. That is not surprising, because what exactly happens after a team has been created? That is invisible and the one that starts these project groups usually doesn’t always take the organization’s security- and governance guidelines into account. They just want to do their job as efficiently as possible. What are the adverse effects?

This whitepaper explains the three following problems of Microsoft Teams:

  • How to prevent a proliferation of teams
  • Why standard teams do not satisfy and how you solve this
  • The correct setting of governance within Microsoft Teams

Download whitepaper

This whitepaper explains how you can solve these 3 common problems of Microsoft Teams.